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5 Ways Drones Are Improving Construction Site Safety

If you are into drones, you know that the US commercial drone market is growing at an incredible pace. Experts predict that it will quadruple in size by 2025, and there is a simple reason for this. Businesses are taking advantage of the commercial opportunity’s drones bring, and as more and more of them join the game, the investments will grow as well. The construction industry was one of the pioneers when it comes to using drones. So, today, we are talking about the ways drones are improving construction site safety.

Drones are very capable little machines. They are precise, smart, and have great carrying capacities. Therefore, they can serve lots of purposes in the construction industry. However, one place where they shined the most is the construction site safety. In fact, they are becoming a vital part of it, so let us look at how exactly they can help.

1. Pre-Construction Site Inspections

Site inspections are a crucial part of any construction project. They are present throughout the process, but they start in the pre-construction phase. The people responsible for these are the site inspectors. Their job is to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly into the next phase of the project. So, they need to identify all the hazards present and give a signal that it is okay to begin.

It is pretty clear that many people depend on these inspections. And even worse is that this job can be dangerous for humans. Some areas may be unstable, while others are difficult to get to. And that’s where drones enter the scene. 

UAVs allow the inspectors to do their job from a safe distance. After they learn how to operate a drone in urban areas, they are all set. On top of that, it is faster and cheaper to do it this way; it can take weeks to survey the site on foot. On the other hand, drones enable them to complete the task in a relatively short time, and they reduce the need for additional personnel. 

Of course, we are talking about special machines here. Drones used for these surveys are equipped with 3D mapping software, infrared cameras, and lasers. With these features, they can provide precise measurements, and repeating inspections is not necessary

2. Project Monitoring

With time, construction projects became bigger and more complex, but so did construction sites. In fact, one of the biggest problems in the management of construction projects is the monitoring of a big site.

Every stage of the project has its own key monitoring areas. In the initial stages, managers need to monitor the digging of the foundation. However, later, workers are atop scaffolding. If there is a problem in any of the phases, that can lead to delays. And in the construction business, delays can cost a lot of money. No one wants that to happen, so managers use drones to find new ways to avoid hold-ups. UAVs are also used to monitor security and overall project progress.

Drones enable managers to do their job more quickly, more efficiently, and more safely. They no longer must navigate through the obstacle course that a construction site can be in its initial phase. Now they deploy drones and look at real-time video footage instead. Later, the video data can be analyzed and compared to the initial plan forecast. This way, they can easily determine if they are on schedule or not.

3. Structural Maintenance

The third of the ways in which drones are improving construction site safety is regarding maintenance. They can be powerful allies during this process, thanks to their abilities.

It is much easier and safer to send a drone to do a maintenance check of the skyscraper or other tall building than it would be to send a worker. Sending a person up there requires a lot of arrangements and safety measures. Drones, on the other hand, do not need any of those.

On top of that, the use of UAVs can also make the whole process a lot faster. The risk of worker injury is gone, and because of this, things can be done in a much more automated manner. Eventually, this will lead to an improved maintenance cycle. Buildings will be safer for both people living in them and working around them. That is one of the key benefits of drones in the construction industry.

4. Task Completion

Another area where drones can help is the completion of risky and repetitive building tasks. Humans are not perfect. We get tired easily, and it happens even quicker if we are doing the same thing repeatedly. Machines, however, do not have this problem. So, here are the tasks we can use drones for on the field.

  • Transporting materials, equipment, and tools
  • Spray painting
  • Waterproofing building components
  • Capturing unique images that can be used as a promotional material.

All these tasks are time-consuming and tiring to complete. Some of them can even be dangerous for the people performing them. On the other hand, if we use drones, they will become simpler, and we will protect on-site personnel along the way. What more could we ask for?

5. Providing Extra Security

There are people responsible for the safety and security of a site when the work stops. To them, drones can be valuable tools. During the night, construction sites become vulnerable to theft. Expensive equipment and materials can be found all around, so there is no wonder why this happens.

The entire location needs to be monitored most efficiently. However, there are always areas where the security level is lower. But this is where UAVs can help. They can provide the security teams with real-time information about any unusual movements. That is, of course, if they know a thing or two about flying a drone at night.

This adds a whole new layer to the ways drones are improving construction site safety. We can now monitor and maintain it from a safe distance, which is a big step toward a safer and more efficient building process.

Meta description: Find out what are the ways drones are improving construction site safety. From pre-construction to the promo material, they can do it all.


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