Home selling is a challenging process. Anything that helps you achieve your goal a little easier is to be cherished. Drones have started being introduced into nearly every sphere of our everyday lives. So it is no surprise that they would be very helpful when it comes to house-selling efforts as well! Their versatility, the sheer ease of use that allows even amateurs to utilize them effectively, and their unique perspective make them invaluable. And they can be used at nearly every stage of the process, too! To help you understand how that is possible, we have prepared a guide on how a drone can help you sell your house!

They are amazing for setting up an online portfolio

The main way a drone can help you sell your house is by using it to fill up your online portfolio with pictures and videos of your property. Drone photography has a unique charm that photos snapped with a traditional camera, particularly your phone, lack. Of course, cameras have benefits of their own. But being able to show off your home from the air can give the potential buyers a perspective other sellers don’t have, which might push them to buy your house. It is always best to hire a professional real estate aerial photographer to take full advantage of this. Yet, a fantastic side benefit is that it is just much easier to get satisfying shots with a drone, even if you are a beginner when it comes to handling one. They certainly take better photos than your phone typically would!

You can use your drone to show off unique landscape features around your home.


You can use them for online viewings

We can, unfortunately, safely assume that the year 2022 will be another heavily favoring online home purchases. Luckily, drones are pretty much perfect for such jobs. They can move quickly, give a unique perspective, and are much more interesting to watch than traditional filming methods. They can also observe any angle and aspect of your house. Do the buyers want to take a look at the roof? No problem. Do they want to take an extra close look at the bathroom corners or even the ceiling? Again, the drone can easily access such spots without the drawbacks of clunky professional filming equipment. In addition, drones boost the quality of the camera, which less clunky methods that can still be used to stream lack almost entirely.

You can use them to show off your neighborhood

This particular way of how a drone can help you sell your house comes with the premise that you know how to safely operate a drone in urban areas. If you are familiar with all the rules, laws, and general use of a drone, you can do it! If not, you can always hire someone. Lots of people account for the neighborhood when picking their new home. But, it’s not always possible to properly explore it. So, having the option to look at the area quickly and conveniently can be a strong selling point.

You can simplify navigation through complex neighborhoods with the help of a drone!


They can help scrutinize the state of the roof and façade

You should, of course, always have a house inspection organized before you even put your home on the market. However, if you want to sell your home quickly and relocate after the process is done, a drone can help speed things up. 

Ordinarily, a roof inspection is not something you can do yourself. As an amateur attempting to do a professional’s job, just staying safe up there would take most of your attention. However, you could take your time and take a proper look at it with a drone. The same goes for the façade of your home. Especially considering how some damage and problems can only really be seen up close. So, being able to check out both before you even call a house inspector can help you be better prepared.

They are perfect for giving quick tours of large estates

The final way a drone can help you sell your house is by allowing you to show off your estate. If your home is very large, with some additional land and nature abutting it, then a drone is ideal for showing it off to potential buyers, even without professional aerial photographers on hand. After all, most people are not prepared to go off traipsing over mud and into nature. They might have stopped over on their way back from work. Or had dressed in a manner much more suitable for the city. This would typically make them, at the very least, reluctant to do an entire ground inspection. But without it, they would not be completely sold on the idea of buying your property. Using drones, they can enjoy a quick, scenic tour from the comfort of a living room chair, which would help the odds of your sales!

You can use them to show off the best routes for traveling to work!


Final advice

Now that you know more about how a drone can help you sell your house, you should be ready to make use of your knowledge! Keep in mind that you are still not a professional aerial photographer. Always be careful with how you are handling your drone. If there are trees near your home, for example, make sure to keep the drone safely away from any branches. And you should definitely never fly too low in a busy residential area.

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