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Drones have found use in surprisingly many industries. Some of which you wouldn’t think would have much use for them at first! So, let’s go over the most popular applications of commercial drones together!

Professional photography

From the start, aerial photography is one of the most popular applications of commercial drones. After all, let’s say you go on a holiday to Las Vegas. To capture all the fun memories you have there, it’s only wise to hire professional aerial photographers in Las Vegas to ensure picture quality. The unique angles and views drones can offer when taking pictures are too good to pass up. And in the hands of a professional, the already stunning views can be taken a step further to produce images you’d feel compelled to have on your wall.


The film industry

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the most popular applications of commercial drones is people involved in the movie industry. Footage that was once a real hassle due to having to film out of a shaky helicopter or through some other inconvenient and often dangerous method is now easy to get. So long as you hire an aerial photography company or have your professionals on retainer, you can get as much fantastic footage as you want. The stability and versatility of drones make them irreplaceable in the industry.

One of the most popular applications of commercial drones is getting otherwise impossible footage.


Reporting and entertainment

However, the film industry is not the only one to benefit from commercial drone use. Reporters throughout the world can do their jobs faster and much more conveniently through the use of drones. Let’s take a look at sports reporting. Some sports events required much prep time to capture from an aerial perspective, or it was impossible to record them in that manner. Now, you can use a drone in any stadium or sports field to get premium quality footage with practically no prep work beforehand.


Surveying is an example of the most popular applications of commercial drones.

There are two broad types of surveys that drones have made much more accessible. First, we have land surveys used for either agriculture or environmental preservation. What once took hours is now easy to complete for drones flying over fields. You can even use them regularly to keep an eye on your harvest. On the other hand, an example of even better commercial drone use in surveying is using them to access dangerous areas. When there was an issue in mines or other hazardous areas in the past, surveying them was, at best, extremely dangerous. Now, as long as you use a drone, even in the worst-case scenarios, you can avoid loss of life. And as a bonus, finish the job much faster, too!


Responding to emergencies

One of the best and most popular applications of commercial drones is using them in emergencies. Drones are invaluable for saving lives when trying to scope out the results of an accident. It is possible to send them into burning buildings and quickly locate survivors without risking other lives. They can be used to inspect structurally unsafe buildings after an earthquake for the same reason. They can even track the spread of wildfires much more quickly and safely. Of course, this means that police, firefighters, and similar businesses now need to follow the example of the companies that rely on climate-controlled storage solutions to keep their equipment safe since mistreating drones can lead to breakdowns when required.

Small drones easily slip into normally inaccessible places in collapsed buildings.



Building inspection

Drones have found excellent use in inspecting the exterior of buildings. They can be used to check massive structures while looking for wall cracks, corrosion, structural issues, etc. They are more commonly used for inspecting roofs since this can help immensely reduce the likelihood of injury during an inspection. This is just one of the examples of how real estate drone services help sell your property faster and why they are used unexpectedly often in the field.


Use in engineering

Drones are unexpectedly useful during engineering projects. They help observe the project as it develops and let professionals keep easy track of progress. The larger the project, the more valuable drones prove to be since inspecting things daily would, without them, become impossible. They can even be used during the preparatory period to get the most accurate land survey results before the building starts.


Security drones

Using drones for surveillance purposes is not exactly a new concept. Even before we had actual drones widely available for purchase, the idea behind this commercial drone use was there. And why wouldn’t businesses use drones for security? Unlike traditional cameras, drones are mobile and can cover any blind spots your security system might have. Even the experts from predict that security drones will become much more common for guarding storage facilities. Additionally, drones are very effective at protecting moving targets, such as essential individuals or shipments.



The final thing on our list of most popular applications of commercial drones is the use of drones in logistics. Namely, using them for deliveries. This is admittedly something that’s only just starting to become famous. The appeal was there from the start, but problems still need to be ironed out when entirely putting the idea to use. Even now, most drones are too small to do deliveries of appreciable size. Still, food and small package delivery through drones are already in use!


Final comment

Now that we’ve gone over the most popular applications of commercial drones, it should be apparent just how great their versatility is from more “mundane” uses, such as photography and filming, to some vital uses, such as search and rescue operations. The best part of the story is that this is just what we are using drones for today! As drone technology improves and their reliability increases, we expect drones to find even more commercial applications.

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