The future of cargo drones


The world we live in is changing quickly. Technology is developing at an incredible pace, and thanks to that, cargo drones are becoming more common. They’re more efficient and greener than the vehicles we use now, and they’ll only become better with time. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we have more than […]

The 4 Best Spots to Fly a Drone in Las Vegas


Flying a drone in Las Vegas became trickier in 2019. reported that the FAA’s new drone-flying regulations, made it all but illegal to fly drones recreationally in 90% of the Las Vegas Valley. The good news is that recreational flyers can actually still fly drones legally in Las Vegas, but in only uncontrolled airspaces — […]

7 Tips for Excellent Drone Landscape Photography

Man holding a drone and thinking about tips for excellent drone landscape photography.

Drone photography is a growing niche in landscape photography. And when you look at the pictures, it’s easy to understand why. It has opened a world of new opportunities. Now, you can find new perspectives and create compositions that were impossible in the past. We want even more people to experience the feeling of getting […]

How Drones Have Changed Commercial Aerial Photography

aerial photography in Las Vegas

Aerial photography has been in existence for decades, photographers from the early centuries focused not only their artistic skills but had to learn the different techniques involved in capturing images at a high altitude. The presence of technology in the 21st century has contributed greatly to the development of commercial aerial photography over the years. […]