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Drone Pre Flighting Planning Process


If you are considering hiring a drone operator to film or take pictures of your property, maybe a construction site you are in charge of, and perhaps even a wedding, there are a few factors you must know drone pre-flighting planning process. Moreover, there are some crucial steps that the drone pilot is equally responsible for undertaking to ensure the safe operation of the flight. 


In this article, we will provide you with an inside look at how our pilots conduct pre-flight planning to ensure all FAA regulations are met and ensure a safe flight outcome. 


Drone Pre-Flight Planning Process


Conduct Research

The first step of the pre-flight planning process is related to research. Several factors, such as airspace and ground restrictions, need to be thoroughly examined before the flight takes off.


Airspace and Ground Restrictions:

It is vital to determine if the requested flight location is situated in restricted airspace or ground, such as military operation areas or a place where flights are forbidden altogether. Under FAA regulations, any UAS flight must follow airspace restrictions. Similarly, ground restrictions for the requested location are also confirmed. This can often be more complicated than defining airspace restrictions because of the number of organizations and agencies responsible for handling enormous land and to who they defer any flight restrictions.


Planning Phase

Weather Monitoring and Airspace Authorization or Waivers

After initial research, the next step in the pre-flight planning process is to secure any mandatory permits from private landowners or local agencies and request any essential waivers from the FAA or airspace authorization. Local restrictions and weather conditions are also examined before the flight starts.

Moreover, the weather is the definitive deciding factor to determine whether a pilot would take off on the scheduled day of the flight or not. Although this is something we can’t control, close monitoring is done throughout the planning process.


Flight Day 

On the day of the flight, we run through an ultimate pre-flight checklist. The pre-flight checks are the absolute steps taken to make sure the safe outcome of any flight. The following factors are carefully examined before the drone takes off. 


  • Site and Weather Safety
  • Visual System/Aircraft Inspection
  • Power-Up Equipment
  • Take Off


There is certainly more to safely functioning a drone than just owning one. When you are planning to hire a drone operator for drone services like aerial photography, there are different risk elements associated with it. Thus, research thoroughly and choose the option that best serves your needs. 


Why Choose Sky View for Drone Services in Las Vegas?


We at Sky View Las Vegas provide professional drone services to a wide range of clients, including commercial realtors and construction project managers, and offer custom solutions like aerial mapping, aerial inspection, and site surveys. Get in touch with us today to experience the power of drone flights. Moreover, our pilots are FAA-approved and well-versed in the rules necessary for drone flights.  For a free custom quote and consultation, contact us at 702- 670-1967 or send us an email at sk*******@gm***.com.

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