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Last updated on October 10th, 2023 at 07:39 am

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Flying a drone in Las Vegas became trickier in 2023. The FAA’s new drone-flying regulations made it illegal to fly drones recreationally in 90% of the Las Vegas Valley.

The good news is that recreational flyers can still fly drones legally in Las Vegas, but only in uncontrolled airspaces — as long as you fly under 400 feet.

With that in mind, we at Sky View Las Vegas have compiled a list of the four best spots to fly your drone here in Sin City. Even better, these locations have uncontrolled airspace! So, what are you waiting for? Check them out below:


Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is just 30 minutes from the city’s heart and is one of Nevada’s most popular hiking spots. Featured in this list of things to do in Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area is a great place to unwind, especially after a night of partying on The Strip, a tough time at the poker tables, or an unfortunate spin on the slots.

The canyon’s gorgeous scenery — towering cliffs, red-colored rock formations, and fossilized dunes — is perfect for a relaxing hike, so why not take your drone with you, too? The desert offers an expansive area for unimpeded flight, while the rock formations will test your piloting skills. You can also capture a panoramic view of one of Nevada’s premier tourist attractions. Just stay away from no-fly zone wilderness areas!


Gold Strike Hot Springs

The Gold Strike Hot Springs is one of Vegas’s better-kept secrets. Getting to the springs will have you going on what All Trails describe as an arduous hiking trail. The six-mile hike descends some 1,500 feet through narrow crevasses.

If you can handle the trail, the reward is a drone pilot’s paradise: crystal-clear water surrounded by canyon walls and wildflowers. Try to go in the springtime, when the wildflowers turn gold and red, and the canyon walls are covered with colorful algae.


Seven Magic Mountains

Aerial Photography in Las Vegas

The Seven Magic Mountains art installation created by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone is another popular Vegas attraction. It is a septet of towering columns made of multi-hued rocks placed on top of one another. This art installation is an excellent spot for flying drones because the backdrop of Rondinone’s towers is the Jean Dry Lake and the surrounding Mojave Desert. This means a large area to fly around and many scenic views to capture.

The area is also relatively flat, meaning you can practice the pointers we shared in our ‘7 Tips for Excellent Drone Landscape Photography’ post here. One tip is to look to fly and shoot during the golden hour, aim for symmetry, and keep your drone as low to the ground as possible. Just make sure you visit soon because rumor has it that Seven Magic Mountains will only be on display until the end of 2021.


Potosi Mountain

drone photography in Vegas

On the outskirts of Vegas is the 8,517-foot Potosi Mountain. It is less popular than Red Canyon, but it’s worth checking out if you want to challenge yourself. The climb will be difficult – once you get to the top; however, you’ll be greeted by picture-perfect views and lots of open space to fly your drone.

Just watch for and stay away from the FM radio towers on the adjacent peak, as flying near them is dangerous and can get you in trouble. Other than that, you’ll enjoy flying here.


Cornerstone Park in Henderson, NV

Cornerstone Park, Henderson,NV

We can all agree that the 90-plus-acre Cornerstone Park is one of Henderson’s most scenic locations. The main focus is Railroad Lake, with great mountains in the background. The park also has very nice walking trails around the lake that take in beautiful views and the local critters. Other attractions include a sports area, picnic spots, and an exercise area. The open grass area is ideal for launching and landing drones safely.

Do you know any other great drone-flying spot in Vegas that we missed? If so, let us know in the comments section below.


Flying Your Drone Safely in Las Vegas –

Fly Safe in Las Vegas–

Here is some crucial information about safely flying your drone in Nevada:

Check out Las Vegas and Henderson Drone Pilots for additional Vegas flight info.


  WARNING-   The Las Vegas Strip area is a NO-FLY ZONE. Only fly here with an FAA waiver.


1. Are there any restrictions on flying drones in Las Vegas?

Yes, there are certain restrictions regarding flying drones in Las Vegas. Familiarizing yourself with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and guidelines for recreational and commercial drone flights is crucial. Additionally, be aware of any specific rules imposed by the local authorities or the places you intend to fly your drones, such as national parks or private properties.

2. Are there any designated areas for drone flying in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas does not have specifically designated areas solely for drone flying. However, various spots mentioned in this guide offer excellent aerial photography and videography opportunities.         Always prioritize safety, respect private property, and comply with local regulations when choosing a location to fly your drone.

3. What are the best times of day to fly a drone in Las Vegas?

The ideal times of day to fly a drone in Las Vegas are during the golden hours, the first hour after sunrise, and the last hour before sunset. These times offer soft, warm lighting that adds a magical touch to your aerial shots. Additionally, flying early in the morning or late in the evening helps avoid the intense heat and harsh sunlight that can affect both the quality of your footage and the performance of your drone.

4. Can my drone capture footage of the famous Las Vegas fountains?

Capturing drone footage of the famous Las Vegas fountains is only allowed if you have an FAA Waiver. The FAA regulations prohibit flying drones over crowds of people, and the fountains on the Strip attract large gatherings. Respecting these regulations and prioritizing safety when flying your drone in public areas is essential. The Vegas Strip area is a NO-Fly Zone; no flying is allowed unless you have an FAA waiver. 


With its dazzling lights, iconic landmarks, and stunning natural wonders, Las Vegas offers many opportunities for drone enthusiasts. From soaring above the glitz and glamour of the Strip to capturing the serenity of Red Rock Canyon or the ethereal beauty of Valley of Fire State Park, the best spots to fly a drone in Las Vegas promise unforgettable aerial adventures. Remember to abide by the regulations, prioritize safety, and respect the environment and the privacy of others. So, pack your drone, charge your batteries, and get ready to capture the aerial wonders of Las Vegas.


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  1. Just curious. How can someone fly a drone recreationally at Seven Magic Mountains when that location is within 5 miles of Jean Airport? I just got my first drone and I’m looking for a way to fly out there.

    1. May not be the best answer but as long as AirMap shows you’re in a green zone you should be good to fly even if it’s near an airport (as long as the zone is green you don’t need permission for Class D airspace from ATC). Also Jean doesn’t even have ATC. I just flew my drone there last week and got some great shots during golden hour and it was amazing.

    2. Daniel I’ve flown there a few times and in order to prevent (at minimum) a bunch of dirty looks, you’re best doing it right at the crack of dawn with the fewest tourists. That place gets unbelievably busy every day.

      1. I don’t really go put there anymore, too busy with drone projects. Showed up at the crack of dawn one day, only myself there. Some old guy from out of state pulls up and starts yelling at me.
        Ending up leaving before I hurt the guy. I try to avoid people if possible. Ha

    3. As long as it not Restricted or Class E2 airspace (which it is neither) with LAANC approval you can fly within 5 miles of an airport… just have to abide by any altitude restrictions. Aloft app will tell you and help you get approval if needed.

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