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Drone Real Estate Photography

Photography is used in several fields to capture realistic pictures of the given material. However, in the world of real estate, several experiments have been made to capture the best shots from various angles of the given property. Many real estate agents strive to capture the most captivating shots of the listing properties. It is difficult to capture the property at some angles that a photographer cannot reach during such times.

But it is an important duty for a real estate agent to capture the property from all angles. Some angles like the top shot are difficult to click manually. At such times many people nowadays have started using artificial intelligence and have started making use of machines and equipment to get their work done. For instance, many real estate agents have started making use of drones and thereby have started making use of the drone photography concept to provide their best shots to their clients while introducing them to a certain property.

In many cases, it is not just the top shot or the aerial view that is difficult to capture by a human photographer. Sometimes it is also difficult to accurately bring out the attractive feature of the house through normal photography. For instance, if a house is located at a sea location, then its proximity to the beach needs to be shown to the client through the pictures. At such times and others, drones are of great help.

Many real estate agents have started making use of drones for aerial photography which help their listings to stand out. But before making use of drones for capturing the best shots of a property, real estate agents try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using them. They also try to figure out the uses of the drone and the technique that is used while operating them. Other than that, it is also important to figure out various drone models, their prices, their structure, their maintenance, and their maintenance prices, etc.

Before Getting a Drone

Before getting a drone, a real estate agent needs to know basic information regarding it. It is not that difficult to operate a drone for photography, however, a real estate agent needs to know how to fly a drone before getting a license to fly a drone from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Many real estate agents reach for confusion about whether they should drive the drone or hire a drone pilot. They can either learn how to operate the drone and take pictures of the properties themselves or they can hire and outsource a drone pilot to capture the shots of the properties.

Drone Real Estate Photography

Some creative real estate agents who decide to learn how to fly a drone themselves should keep in mind that it is a journey and an experience that will make their career better. For doing so they need to seek a license from the Federal Aviation and they should get a certificate known as the “Remote Pilot Certificate”.

After doing so, they can fly the drone legally. While doing so they are using drones for any source of the income stream it is mandatory for them to obtain a drone pilot license as they using the drone for commercial purposes. Along with the Remote Pilot Certificate, they must also get a fair UAS rating.


The test that must be given to get a Remote Pilot Certificate is mostly similar to the one that is taken by people before their driver’s license test. It is passing an in-person written exam. The test contains 60 multiple-choice questions. However, it may change depending on the format. Once the person has passed the test, they need to make a legal registration of the drone that they will be used for commercial purposes. However, it is comparatively a faster process than the written exam.

After the person has passed the test, they need to understand and follow the ground rules of using the drone for commercial purposes. Real estate agents must follow the rules and regulations and if they violate them, they can face charges or punishments. For instance, they cannot fly the drone from a moving vehicle, they can keep the drone in the visual sightline, they need to get approval from LAANC if they fly the drone in controlled airspaces but they can fly the drone in controlled air spaces.

Once the real estate drone photography agent has completed the legal procedures required for drone photography, they must need to choose their drone after collecting some formation about various models of the drone.

Some drones come with a camera that is attached to them. Some drones do not cost more than the cost of a digital standard camera. A real estate agent can use the drone to take wide shots of a property or side shots of a property’s closeness to other natural resources like beaches, lakes, rivers, etc. They can also be used for highlighting the run-up of the properties against their neighbors or other main roads.

drone pilot

Hiring a Drone Pilot

Many real estate agents also opt for the hiring of a drone pilot option. There are advantages and disadvantages to doing so. One of the major advantages is that a real estate agent doesn’t have to go through the hassle of getting licensed. They just have to know the FAA rules and regulations regarding flying drones.

That also includes that they should know the places where the drone can be flown legally. A real estate agent can look out for various services that connect various types of businesses that require drone pilots. If a real estate agent decides to hire a drone pilot by themselves then they need to strictly verify their license.

Advantages of Drone in Real Estate Photography

There are several advantages of drone photography in real estate. Drone photography helps the real estate agent to meet the trends in the world of real estate. Higher scenic value is offered and shown off by real estate agents to their clients, it is considered one of the best ways to show the entire land and surrounding area, closeness to various amenities, etc.

It is a pretty unique perspective of presenting a property to a client, it also helps to sell the properties quicker and for a better price too sometimes.

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