Tools for better drone phototgraphy-Drone phototgraphy
Tools for better drone photography

Commercial drone pilots who have decided to set up aerial drone services in Las Vegas or any part of the country should know there are certain tools one must have to prepare either against unforeseen circumstances or for better service delivery to new and returning clients. There are 10 essential tools for drone pilots.

Having these tools shows any prospective client how prepared one is for technical difficulties that may occur in the field when flying drones over an extended period. The exact tools needed by drone pilots depend on the nature of the job (aerial photography or videography) or the industry where services are required.

Many companies or individuals hire drone pilots for work in real estate, construction, or even recreational purposes regardless of the nature of the job, here are some tools always needed by commercial drone pilots. How Drones Have Changed Commercial Aerial Photography

Tools for better drone phototgraphy-Drone phototgraphy
Tools for better drone photography

1. Storage Devices

Every aerial photographer makes an investment in the right micro-SD card for short-term storage of data and external hard drives as long-term storage devices. This is the most important tool of the 10 tools for drone pilots.

SD cards are useful for storing images or video footage when on the field, but for future reference, external hard drives provide the safety of client footage in the long term.

2. Bag-Pack

Companies that provide aerial services always invest in bag packs where drone equipment is kept. Bag-Packs should be portable, functional, and look professional as they would aid the transport of equipment across longer distances for longer hours.

3. Lights

Drone service providers in Las Vegas and its environs agree having the right set of lights is crucial during operations. Proper lighting, especially at night, gives the proper illumination required for clear footage.

4. Helipad

Helipads are accessories required for every aerial service provider, due to the number of services rendered by Las Vegas drone companies, helipads are effective to prevent dust and debris from damaging drones used in construction sites, fields, mountains, and other terrain commercial pilots are familiar with.

5. ND Filters

Neutral density filters act as sunglasses to control the amount of light entering the camera’s lens. ND filters are shown to prevent overexposure when shooting for prolonged hours under the sun.

6. Signal Boosters

Signal Boosters help to improve the range of signals transmitted from the controller to the receiver on the drone. Signal boosters reduce interference that may occur when flying over a long distance.

7. Extra Batteries and Cables

Stopping shots due to low batteries or faulty cables might result in a terrible customer experience. That is why drone pilots should have an extra backpack containing extra accessories while going on a business or field trip.

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8. External Monitor

External monitors are useful on construction sites or the client’s location to provide a view for clients who would like to view the image/footage live and give directions on what they would like to focus on

9. A Spare Drone

Precautionary measures such as calibrating or flying drones before moving to the desired location help in detecting faults that might occur during flight operations.

However, a spare drone while flying is a good advantage if one can afford the cost of another drone. This provides another alternative for when technical issues that cannot be fixed immediately occur during flights.

10. Great Personality

Service providers with great personalities make communication easier for clients who need to give feedback or specifications while their project is ongoing.

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