Commercial Aerial Photography by Drone

Aerial photography has been in existence for decades, photographers from the early centuries focused not only on their artistic skills but had to learn the different techniques involved in capturing images at a high altitude. The presence of technology in the 21st century has contributed greatly to the development of commercial aerial photography by drone over the years. Las Vegas Drones: The Best Drone Services in Vegas

What Commercial Aerial Photography Was Before Drones

Before drones were made, there were many techniques used in capturing images from high altitudes, many photographers made use of hot air balloons, kites, and standing in airplanes to take amazing pictures. This process although useful had some difficulties and risks which made aerial photography only for a select few.

Asides from the risk attributed to aerial photography, the time frame for delivery of images sometimes had to be rescheduled due to loss of images, equipment, or photographers sustaining injuries while shooting.

How Has Aerial Photography Changed?

The emergence of digital photography has caused a lot of positive disruption leading to the acceptance of advanced equipment for capturing well-defined images. A lot of industries require aerial photographs for various purposes such as preliminary surveys, town planning, identifying navigation channels, etc. which are easier to obtain at a much faster rate due to the use of drones. Here are some of the ways in which the arrival of drones on the scene contributed greatly to the success stories of commercial photographers

Widespread Use of Drones

Airplanes, Kites, and Hot air balloons have been replaced with drones due to their availability and ease of purchase in recent times. The more technology evolves there are more commercial photographers now embrace the use of drones for different purposes in their businesses.

With the availability of drones, many states have created laws drone pilots must abide by when carrying out operations. Aerial Photography in Las Vegas is done by professionals who have taken relevant tests and FAA-licensed, drone pilots.

Pictures and Videos from a Unique Angle 

Most photographers these days make use of drones in capturing images or videos from angles that might not be achievable with normal cameras. Drones are able to fly at high altitudes or navigate tight spaces easily, they can also be used to take pictures with a better focus at sporting events, weddings, or other functions

Makes Real Estate More Attractive

Real estate companies in a bid to attract highly valued customers who might be interested in buying properties invest in having aerial photographs and video footage of their properties from professionals.

Sky View is a company that offers drone photography services in Las Vegas to real estate companies looking to have professional images or videos which provide great detail on property and neighboring areas. Reach us at 702- 670-1967 or send us an email at sk*******@gm***.com for a free quote and consultation to showcase your property with stunning imagery and videos and bring your dreams to life. 

Wildlife Photography Improved

Drones have made wildlife photography easy and adventurous for wildlife photographers. Documentaries in recent times show in detail certain aspects of the life of wild animals with little to no challenges as drones can go into places that could normally be a high risk for humans.

Less Risk

The amount of risk associated with commercial aerial photography has reduced over the years, not only has the risk been eliminated, the manpower and equipment required for aerial services have been reduced when compared to the era when hot air balloons or airplanes were the only alternatives There are many more examples to show how the world of photography has advanced in recent times due to the presence of drones, but an important fact everyone agrees with is the use of drones in aerial photography today gives exceptional angles that have been used by professional to show the beauty or effect of certain activities on the planet.

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