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When it comes to real estate, photography plays an important role and can also, influence the price tag for that property. Moreover, if the property has drone images, then the values may rise as high as 75%, based on the information from multiple listing services (MLS). This is because aerial photos give a better understanding of the property’s dimensions, landscape, and neighborhood. This blog right here will highlight 9 key points that you can implement to have excellent real estate drone photography alongside success at every stage.


Real estate photography - Drone Las Vegas

Stage the house beforehand

When a property owner expects a new buyer, he/she speeds up the cleaning process. In the while one can easily notice that the landscape is on point, the lawn manicure was done perfectly, the lawn furniture was perfectly placed to enhance the aesthetics, the yard is in tip-top condition, and more. Now the question is why do owners do all these? It’s simple, for first-hand impression and to express the worth of their property. They need to keep in mind that aerial photography is a much more advanced form of handheld camera clicks. Being an owner, you need to make sure that the 3D angle is also neat and clean, this includes litter-free roofs, perfectly parked vehicles, and more. Think that the image will be captured from a bird’s eye.

Plan for Traffic

One of the most attractive features of drone photography is its ability to cover a wide angle and thereby capture the picture on a bigger scale. In that case, if you want to set your property at that level then you need first need to consider the traffic patterns that form around your property. Beforehand, you have to acknowledge the kind of activities that can affect your shots i.e pedestrian or vehicular traffic, busy roads near a bus stop, and even boating (if you stay near a water body). You can also fix a date when you expect fewer distractions than usual.

Choose good weather and lighting

Before considering drone photography, make sure to have a look over the daily weather forecast. From per photography point of view, hard breezes and precipitation are bad, moreover, the daytime and clouds could make a huge difference when it comes to the intensity of light. Indeed, you cannot eliminate these problems but, post-degree it can be a bit easier for the work to be done. A little reconnaissance to find out the important angles and the orientation of the property are lit the best.

Pick settings for success

One less thing to worry about in real estate photography in Las Vegas is the use of autofocus. Alongside human efforts, one needs to take the advantage of the available technology to bring out the best on-site clicks. Moreover, you can also improve the picture quality by doing certain adjustments and for that, you need to shoot in the RAW mode where the sensor data gets preserved and you don’t have to worry about the JPEG format. Post-session brings in the desired changes required in terms of contrast, light, shadow, color, or something else. If possible, set your camera to an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 3:2, this will help you get max. resolution.

Pack your supplies

Before the aerial photography session make sure that you have all the essentials and if possible don’t forget to carry your backups. Carrying an extra drone and fully charged remote batteries can come in handy. Don’t just surplus your storage, RAW files are huge and you need to work smart. Also, don’t forget to carry neutral density filters, lens wipes, and fixing tools.

Pick the right focal point

No matter where your property is based, there you will always find one or two areas worth spotlighting for aerial photography. It can either be a patio, gazebo, pool, or even a balcony. Always keep in mind that your ultimate objective is to draw the viewer’s eye to that area and to make this actual, you must consider the architecture, and angles, and thereby plan the best for fruitful results.

Look for varieties

No one in this world would love to settle with one, people need options, and they need variety. To make this happen you can bring in your expertise and experience that will together build up a strong award-winning portfolio with the best of angles and approaches. Moreover, what most people do is that they hover the drone in mid-air and shoot too many shots at higher altitudes, this is often considered a rookie mistake, okay let’s assume that you can but that doesn’t mean that you should. Always have a tailored approach to the property.

Take multiple shots

It’s not that easy to have good clicks or else you can find award-winning photographers on each street. Remember, when you have found a good shot, take multiple shots, from that position it is difficult to determine the on-site photo quality, after all, you just have a small screen to instruct the drone and fix its directions.

Enhance post-photography

It is the processing of the photos that determine the level of expertise you hold. Most photographers prefer Adobe Photoshop which is specially designed for correcting the photos and enhancing their picture quality rather than manipulating them. This better suits the purpose of your drone photography.

Real estate drone photography is a newer advancement in the field that you need to adopt for increasing the valuation of your property. As mentioned below, people prefer to go with multiple options so make sure you have an ample number of best angles and quality photographs. In case, you are looking for the best services for drone real estate photography in Las Vegas and nearby areas then you can get them at Sky View. For more information and suggestions, get in touch with us at

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