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Reliable and High-Quality Services from FAA-Certified Drone Pilots.

drone photography in Vegas

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drone photography in Vegas


Stunning photos taken at hi-resolutions ideal for commercial and residential real estate photgraphy or even personal use.

Drone Services in Vegas


Take your aerial shots to new heights with 4k videos perfect for anything from feature films
to commercial production
and even music videos.

drone photography in Vegas


Take measurements from aerial photographs and convert images of land masses into maps, 3D models, or drawings.

Why choose us?



We hire only the best drone pilots for your needs. All of them have an extensive experience in most types of drone operations.


Both in service and in output, you can be sure that we deliver not just to meet your expectations but aim to exceed it as well.


We use the latest in video and photography technology provided by among the trusted brands in the industry.

Real estate photography

Are You Working in Real Estate? Let Us Help You Sell Property Faster!

Having Skyview Las Vegas film the property will set your listing apart from the competition. If you work in real estate, the impressive digital photography and videography can be used many times over to attract and engage with more future customers.

Our mission is to help agents sell their homes quickly and more efficiently by attracting buyers from anywhere. If you have a home, a mansion, a lot, a subdivision or a commercial building, let’s work together to get your listing marketed to the largest audience possible.

Consider using Skyview Las Vegas aerial drone photography or videos for your listing.

drone photography in Las Vegas
drone photography Vegas

Showcase the Neighborhood

In the world of real estate, drone photography has countless advantages! Demonstrate just how close your property is to a shopping center or show how the kids really can walk through the park to get to school. These simple details can make all the difference in closing a sale.

At Skyview Las Vegas, our real estate drone videos show scale and lifestyle. They give viewers a feel for the neighborhood and offer a unique way to highlight its amenities. Aerial drone videos offer a 360-degree visual representation of a property

The Unique Benefits of Real Estate Drone Photography

  • ​Give buyers a feel for the property and neighborhood
  • Offer comprehensive views of the building and street
  • Show proximity to schools, stores, and other amenities
  • Highlight yard, pool, patio, porch, and landscaping
  • Assure quality of roof, gutters, chimneys, etc
  • Present property to buyers who can’t come in person
drone photography in Vegas

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