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Last updated on November 7th, 2023 at 09:24 am

Construction Site Aerial Photography

Nowadays, contractors are leveraging aerial photography in Las Vegas to efficiently manage construction projects. With construction site aerial photography, stakeholders can get an extensive overview of the site from planning to completion, visual documentation, and supervising activities along the way. This widespread overview assists in effective project and time management while saving dollars and pleasing clients. Why Drones Are Used in Mapping

Aerial photography and video also offer a safe medium for site inspection, helping contractors ease problems before they get off-hand and providing real-time data from unsafe areas. Using construction site aerial photography in projects can provide site managers and contractors with an affordable means to obtain visual collateral and actionable information that can lead to smarter decisions throughout the construction process.

Construction site in Vegas

Construction site aerial photography is an affordable and efficient method for project managers and contractors to stay on top of the requirements of the project. From project inception to the conclusion, aerial photography provides the necessary data that site managers require to stay within budget, keep timelines intact, and ensure all stakeholders are pleased with every step of the process.

6 Benefits of Construction Site Aerial Photography

With construction site aerial photography, site manager and contractors can better manage their commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects. Some major benefits include:

1. Site Surveys and Topographical Maps Before Ground Breaking 

Having a bird’s eye view of the construction site will provide investors with accurate information about sightlines once the construction is complete. It’ll also allow contractors and site managers to enumerate material displacement and avoid placing equipment near dangerous locations, such as powerlines or busy roads.

2. Precision in Construction Bids

Aerial photography and data can enhance the precision of construction bids. Usually, construction bid packages encompass only FEED sketches or preliminary drawings, leading to the demand for bid clarifications and omissions due to unspecified variables. With aerial photography, you can provide more cogent information.

3. Efficient Project Management and Supervision

Construction site aerial photography can provide visual documentation of the project deliver real-time data on progress and help contractors to spot hurdles early and deliver a quick and efficient quality check.

4. Safe Site Inspection

Construction sites usually involve access to difficult and dangerous areas. Through drone aerial photography, contractors can safely inspect such precarious areas without putting any lives in danger. 

5. Multispectral and Thermal Imaging 

Advanced technologies combined with aerial imaging can deliver valuable information about ground and soil quality before the groundbreaking and can help detect water leaks and heat loss in the building after the project conclusion.

6. Promotion and Marketing 

Aerial photography and video can be used to market and promote any building or residential property.

Why Choose Sky View for Construction Site Aerial Photography in Vegas?

We at Sky View Las Vegas offer professional aerial photography services to a wide range of clients, including commercial realtors and construction project managers. Get in touch with us today to experience the power of aerial photography and receive the above-discussed benefits. Moreover, our pilots are FAA-approved and well-versed in the rules necessary for construction site drone flighting.  So, what are you waiting for? Reach us at 702- 670-1967 or send us an email at sk*******@gm***.com for a free consultation and quote! Drone Laws in Nevada

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