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Best places to fly a drone in America

Drones have singlehandedly changed our appreciation for filming and taking aerial shots. So, it is somewhat of a disappointment that drones arebanned from plenty of locations! Of course, there is a good reason for this: If you fly drones in areas with frequent air traffic, you will likely cause an accident. Still, don’t worry! There are still plenty of locations with genuinely stunning scenery to explore. So, join us for our list of best places to fly a drone in America so you can prepare yourself for the perfect tour for drone lovers!

Shoshone Falls, Idaho

For some truly stunning aerial shots of waterfalls and pools amidst unique geological locations, Shoshone Falls are the place to go! This location in Idaho has long been a popular tourist destination. You can even enjoy the laser show organized at the site for some fantastic night shots! And, once you are done enjoying your time with your drone, you can even go canoeing. Walks among the pools are also an appealing option and will be sure to take your breath away. This location, along with most on our list, also comes with a very significant advantage: You do not have to worry about the constricting rules of flying a drone in an urban area, so you can relax more easily!

Prince William Sound, Alaska

While all of the locations on our list are beautiful, Prince William Sound is something special. Local tourism has long counted on the region’s unspoiled beauty to attract visitors from far and wide. The location is also quite popular as a marine wildlife viewing spot, with the lucky few being able to spot Humpback Whales in addition to the more common animals of the area. Finally, if all of that is not enough to interest you, the salmon fisheries of the Sound might! Being able to enjoy a local specialty after a day of scouring the sights with your drone is most certainly an appealing prospect.

What makes the Sound one of the best places to fly a drone in America is the unique experience of each visit there!

Ozark Mountains, Arkansas 

Ozark Mountains might not be as visually stunning as the Sound, but they will nonetheless be an unforgettable experience for any drone lover! The forest and the rapids combine to offer the viewer a feeling of relaxation and near-complete separation from any mundane worries. The colors of the tree leaves make for a rich canopy that captivates the eye, too. In addition, since it is another area free of urban affairs, you do not need to worry about the privacy concerns drones might cause in cities!

International Car Forest of the Last Church, Nevada

Now, this is a unique entry to our list! Not only is it the only artificial entry, but it was also explicitly made to be appreciated! The artist Chad Sorg and Mark Rippie created this stunning ‘forest’ of cars by stacking them on top of each other or precariously balancing them on their ends. This outdoor art exhibit resembles totems or a henge built in the name of some odd god, or perhaps the playground of some post-apocalyptic giant. If you want to properly admire the Forest or even try your hand at a similar project, you might want to look for some interstate moving resources and temporarily move to Nevada! In that case, you should look for interstate moving tips online to figure out the easiest way to settle in another state. Maybe the next ‘Forest’ to be admired will be your own creation!

There are plenty of other scenic locations that could have made it onto the best places to fly a drone in America list in Nevada too!

Royal Gorge Bridge, Arkansas

Royal Gorge Bridge offers a look at the wonders of engineering and human creativity! The absolutely stunning drop would be a wonder to take in through a drone. And you can even descend the whole way and follow the course of the river. The ferocity of the water will surely make for some amazing shots you can share with friends and family. There is something to be said about the effects a river can have over extreme periods of time. And the Gorge perfectly captures that feeling.

Purgatory Falls, Vermont

The name ‘Purgatory Falls’ might sound intimidating. However, it is one of the most scenic and relaxing locations on our list! The series of three waterfalls are all unique and exciting in their own way. And touring them (while somewhat physically challenging!) is a treat. You should know that access to the Falls was forbidden due to concerns over littering and too many visitors. For over a year, too! It might be a good idea to visit before such a situation happens again now that they are open!

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

This unique geological formation looks like a pillar rising straight to the sky! Unfortunately, to appreciate the sight, you will have to put in a little more preparation and pre-flight planning than the other entries on our list. Namely, while the Devil’s Tower park area allows for drones, the park itself forbids their usage. So, you will have to chart a path that will enable you to admire the Tower from a distance.

The area around the Devil’s Tower is plenty beautiful on its own!

Mount Evans, Colorado                                               

Open wilderness and unique rock formations make for breathtaking views! Mount Evans is impressive during summer and spring, but it can be downright enchanting during winter. Of course, we do not recommend going on hikes during such demanding weather conditions. Still, you can consider letting your drone do the sightseeing for you! Even without snow, the calmness and relaxing mood the Mount installs in those who visit it easily leaves one introspective and much less burdened by the daily demands of their lives.

Final Word

This marks the end of our list of best places to fly a drone in America! We hope that you have discovered a destination you would like to visit and indulge in your hobby. If you have, good luck! The thrill of planning such an outing is almost as much fun as actually participating in it. If not, well, don’t despair! There are plenty of other interesting destinations throughout the county. And while some of them do not allow drones, there is still plenty to do and see.

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