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Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 12:59 pm

A drone is flying over a body of water.

The arrival of spring heralds the promise of warmer days spent outside. You can’t help but want to take out your trusty DJI drone and take some breathtaking aerial shots of the stunning terrain and backdrops. There’s no better way to capture spring’s warm, inviting vibe than from high above the landscape as the colors shift. Keep reading for some great examples of all the creative alternatives available if you’re not sure how to get started with spring photography. Gorgeous photo opportunities abound, as are examples of well-thought-out ideas put into practice. Here is how to make the most of spring with your drone.


Drone Safety in inclement weather

Although winter is waning, keeping your drone in your direct line of sight is still recommended. With that in mind, here are some tips for piloting your drone safely in cold weather and other unforeseen conditions.



U.S. and European laws stipulate that you must always maintain visual contact with your drone. That’s why watching the forecast before heading out the door is essential. If the weather seems wrong, you can always reschedule your flight.

 Using your drone during foggy weather isn’t recommended.



You won’t be able to make the most of spring with your drone without good batteries. Lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries, used in most modern drones, are renowned for rapidly losing capacity when exposed to subfreezing conditions. You should avoid taking it up in those conditions because of how poorly your drone will perform in extremely cold or hot weather. Be mindful of the drone’s battery life if you insist on flying it in these conditions; it will drain more rapidly when the temperature drops.


Personalized clothing

Since you likely want to keep warm, you should wear sunglasses and invest in touchscreen gloves (so you can still operate your drone) for the cool weather (since snow is a good reflector). ‍



Many drone pilots put their equipment away during winter since flying in the rain, snow, and cold isn’t delightful. If you fall into this category, brace yourself for a deluge of future software updates from your drone manufacturer.


In most cases, firmware updates are far more extensive than expected and take considerable time to download and install. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time the night before your flight to relax and get everything ready (including Wi-Fi bandwidth). You don’t want to be stranded on the day of some massive update nobody saw coming.


Spring’s main appeal

Naturally, you’ll turn to flowers if you want to make the most of spring with your drone. Brightly colored flower petals are the best way to capture spring’s splendor because of their eye-catching hues and unique shapes and patterns. As you go to the location, watch for any exciting flora or vibrant colors that can provide a lovely focal point for your photos. Large areas of the same color, like the pink blooms below, may give any picture a soft, romantic touch.


Hover just above your subject for a closer, more detailed shot that does justice to the beauty of each recently picked flower. Maintain a steady drone to get clear, in-depth footage. You may get more interesting pictures by experimenting with different camera angles and taking them near a body of water.


It’s easy to find free springtime inspiration in parks and gardens. Images of the most striking sky are those with early blossoms, carefully positioned flowers and growing trees, and well-designed walkways and structures. According to, cities and urban areas may offer more opportunities than previously thought, as spring treats everyone equally. Even if you go through the same park every day, there’s always the chance that you’ll fail to see a flower growing in plain sight.


Parks and gardens are beautiful places to observe the seasons. But flower fields and meadows may offer an even more breathtaking perspective. You can sometimes make a very original piece when you look down on a mass of bright colors and clean lines.

 In chilly areas, spring flowers may blossom as early as late January.


Soak up some rays.

A sunless spring robs us of one of the season’s greatest pleasures. Photography of the horizon at different times and locations, such as a gorgeous beach, will give you various perspectives on this fascinating natural phenomenon. Sunlight has a unique way of providing a photograph with a comforting, relaxing quality. You can see that spring comes in a wide range of hues. Plan your aerial photography session around the sun and the shadows for the best possible contrast and depth of field.


As always, the most crucial advice is to enjoy yourself without putting yourself in harm’s way. Taking photographs from above is a freeing experience that gives you a new perspective on the beautiful places you explore. Go outdoors as the weather changes from cold to warm and take in the beautiful colors and sights. It’s almost spring, so you better get up in the air and soak it all in!

Lighting is an essential aspect of creating a great photograph.


It’s time to branch out.

Since spring is the season of rebirth, why not take this chance to visit some new locales that promise to inspire you creatively? Due to the increased daylight, you may bring your drone to new heights this weekend. Starting points often include mountains, lakes, rivers, and shorelines. As always, the best aerial photography subjects combine scale and contrast. For example, blue skies and trees against a colorful sunset or sweeping landscapes. But standing out does not require relocating. You might try out new techniques when shooting videos or stills. By definition, a drone allows you to film from any angle. Depending on the type of aircraft you fly, there are certainly a plethora of flight modes that you have not yet thoroughly explored.


Why not try to make a hyper-lapse, keep an eye on a target, or plot a flight path around a landmark of interest? These types of flights get more sophisticated with each subsequent model. Find out what solutions they can provide to make the most of spring with your drone.




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